October 9, 2010

What's in a line?

Obviously everyone has a moment in his or her favorite films in which they look forward to, whether it's a memorable dialogue exchange, an exciting action sequence or perhaps some interesting special effect or make-up design. Like everything, if there is something awesome and great…then there has to be a direct opposite: Something lame and annoying.

Here are a few examples of that from three of my favorite films growing up:

Flash Gordon (1980)

The part that makes me laugh the most:
At the end of the film when Dale, the “heroine” of the film, is asked (after being subjected to all kinds of craziness throughout the film) if she and Flash would like to stay on the planet Mongo, she gives this reply:

I want to punch her in the face. It’s like, "OH SHUT UP! You were SCARED!" This is one of my top pet peeves in films – those snarky one-liners that are usually said at the end of a film or after some major battle scene. A line that alludes to the fact that everything was fine all along and that they were totally in control. It’s so hilariously cocky and irritating.

Most cringe worthy moment:
(see above)

Swamp Thing (1982)

The part that makes me laugh the most:
Certainly not the comic relief kid that tags along with Adrienne Barbeau. Any scene that had Nicholas Worth’s Bruno character made me laugh. This line is my favorite:

Most cringe worthy moment:
One of Adrienne Barbeau’s first lines in the film, after arriving in the swamps:

I absolutely loathe any Wizard of Oz references or dialogue. It’s too easy and just annoying.

Romancing the Stone (1984)

The part that makes me laugh the most:
Kathleen Turner’s drab and disgusting puffy gray coat that she wears on her trip to Columbia.

Most cringe worthy moment:
Michael Douglas acting stoned when the two of them are seeking shelter in the fuselage of a crashed airplane and find tons of marijuana in which they make a bonfire out of. I hate the way he inhales the smoke and says:

I hate this entire scene. I hate when characters act stoned, drunk or high (unless it’s in 9 to 5).

These are only a few examples. I know that there are many more out there. What are some of your favorite irritating moments?