February 25, 2013

People, Places and Things

A couple of years ago my partner Len (aka Hilly Blue) and I were doing a weekly art project called "People, Places and Things". We wrote down an assortment of people's names, places and objects then randomly selected one each. In typical fashion, I lasted about eight weeks then gave up.

Here are the pieces I created:

Joyce Jameson, Grocery Store and a Vaccum Cleaner
Bela Lugosi, Airplane and a Kitten
David Bowie, Outer Space and a Vampire Bat
Lucille Ball, Spaceship and a Baby Crib 
Larry Hagman, Haunted House and a Flower
Orson Welles, Kitchen and Lasagna
William Shatner, Western Locale and a Bridge
The Three Stooges, Volcano and a Pillow

Always the devoted artist, my partner Hilly Blue, kept on creating his own "People, Places and Things". All of which can be viewed HERE.