June 16, 2013

Love to Love You: Missing Susu

A year ago today (June 16), Susan Tyrrell passed away suddenly at the age of 67 in Austin, Texas.

Susan (or Susu as she liked to be called) was a major touchstone in my life. She had a wonderful and offbeat personality and a heart the size of a 1966 Caprice Estate. She was the type of person who spoke her mind and did not suffer fools gladly. I'm so incredibly lucky to have known her and to have had the chance to correspond with her for over ten years (I wrote about my relationship with her in this earlier post).

A year has passed and, obviously, she is still in my thoughts. However, I haven't watched any of her films since I found out the news...it makes me too sad to see her. To see that mischievous spark in her eyes and to hear that unimitable voice is still too much. 

But, on the other hand, I do know that she would think I'm being incredibly silly and maudlin...I can even hear her saying, "Get over it!" followed by that amazing shriek of a laugh. She wouldn't have wanted people to be sad or upset by her death, it's just one of those inevitable things. Uncontrollable. If anything, she would want us to get off our asses and do something. Big, small, disgusting, lovely...whatever. 

Just live. 

And laugh.

I miss you, Susu.