June 22, 2013

Ode to Fluffy

Here are a couple of more quick doodles of Fluffy that I drew in a meeting recently. I draw Fluffy a lot. It's fun.

Ever since I was a kid and saw the advertisements for Creepshow on HBO, Fluffy has always been a character that equally fascinated and terrified me.

Plus, he was kind of cute so I've always wished they would have made a stuffed animal of him!

This actually brings me to a topic that still amazes me to this day. About four years ago, my friend Jack Morrissey contacted me on my old (now defunct) Flickr account after he noticed my Creepshow/"The Crate"-inspired Lego homage. He said he was also a huge fan of the film, specifically of Fluffy (the nickname of the Yeti-type creature that was featured in "The Crate" segment). We started corresponding over the next few years and would send each other Fluffy-related memorabilia and artwork.

Here are a few items from my collection:

Painting by Nicolas Caesar.
Close-up of Fluffy model kit. Amazing detail.
Full shot of Fluffy model kit. Who WAS Julia Carpenter anyway? 
Another Fluffy model kit. He looks so cute here! Well. Except for the blood.
Fluffy mask. No, I haven't worn it. Yet. 
Another painting by Nicolas Caesar.

P.S. The eyes you see in the masthead at the top of this blog belong to Fluffy. It's a screenshot from Creepshow.