October 31, 2014

Yeti Hideout's 31 Days of Horror: Week 5

In honor of Halloween, I've been selecting one horror movie a day.

Here are the selections for the fifth and final week:

My favorite Lucio Fulci movie. This one is pretty extreme and unpleasant but there is a terrific and unsettling atmosphere that I find fascinating. Plus Catriona MacColl is my quintessential scream queen. The score by Walter Rizzati is fantastic and you will never, ever forget the disgusting Dr. Freudstein!

Now available on Blu-ray from Blue Underground.

If this isn't a horror movie, WHAT IS?

A friend of mine put it best: "The worst kind of a monster - a Hollywood actress."
The Paramount DVD can be found on Amazon.
My absolute favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie. So many great scenes and tense moments. The fact that the attacks are never explained add to the disorientation. The final siege at the house had to have influenced Night of the Living Dead. An unforgettable masterpiece.

Now available on Blu-ray from Universal.

The scariest movie ever made.

Now available on Blu-ray from Sommerville House.

My favorite movie of all time. I've had a close relationship with this film starting at a young age. I fell in love with the soundtrack, the colors, the cast - everything about it has influenced my interests and sense of humor.

Now available on Blu-ray from Warner Home Video.