November 30, 2014

Novel-ember: Day Thirty

Day Thirty: Creepshow, Stephen King. Art by Berni Wrightson, cover art by Jack Kamen.

Since I finished off my October 31 Days of Horror with my favorite movie, Creepshow, I figured I would finish off Novel-ember with the illustrated tie-in. 

I got this book when it came out (I was 7 or 8) and I was horrified by the monsters and gore. I naturally assumed the movie had to be the scariest, grossest thing ever created. I was so scared of this book that my parents actually took it away from me, not unlike the film! I eventually had to re-buy it when I was older and it is now a nostalgic glimpse back into my much-missed childhood. 

That concludes Novel-ember - Happy Reading, Kiddies!

Copies can be found on Amazon.