October 25, 2011

I Am Divine

I've been assisting on an amazing project over the past few months. I have been organizing and collecting photos and materials on Divine for a new documentary being made by a company in Los Angeles called Automat Pictures. The film is titled, I Am Divine

When I learned that Automat Pictures was developing the film, I knew I had to be involved in some form or fashion. As all of my friends and acquaintances throughout the years can attest, I have been hopelessly and endlessly fascinated by Divine all of my life. I have a rather large collection of Divine memorabilia as well, including such items as 1983's The Simply Divine Cut-Out Doll Book (which features several original pieces of artwork by Divine's fashion/make-up guru, Van Smith) and Divine's first music album, a 45-rpm record entitled "Born to Be Cheap" (with an equally catchy "B" side, “The Name Game”!) Other items from my archive include postcards, magazine clippings, record albums and photographs. 

I was overjoyed when Automat Pictures' President and CEO, Jeffrey Schwarz wrote me back expressing his interest in me expressing MINE! He was incredibly friendly and gracious and was willing to work with me in whatever way he thought might work best. Using my extensive background with Turner Classic Movies, we both felt that the role of photography and material researcher would be the best fit for me. Over the next few months I began calling and writing to various stock agencies (a lot of whom I had already worked with through TCM), compiling my own private materials to send to the Automat team for scanning and even corresponding directly with several interesting people who either worked with Divine or were friends with him.

It was a bit nerve wracking at first to call up a stranger, but I noticed over and over again that the second you mentioned the name Divine, the person would become instantly relaxed and at ease. I've heard so many great little tidbits about Divine's life throughout this project which I find so rewarding. I never got to meet Divine but working on this film is proving to be the next best thing.

It's been a fun and memorable experience and I can't thank Jeffrey and his team enough for allowing me to be a part of this family!

The Filmmakers section on the I Am Divine website. Photo by Jim Lucio.

Please check out the official I Am Divine website at www.divinemovie.com