March 21, 2013

"Reviews of my Films" (circa 1989)

I'm still reading through all of the old diaries and journals that I kept as a teenager - I have stacks of spiral-bound notebooks that range from the years 1987 to the early 1990s. There are some interesting sketches and drawings, a lot of angst and some wild fantasies. For a long time I wanted to be a film director. A filmmaker that specialized in horror films. Even at such a young age I was already becoming obsessed with character actors and influenced by 1970s horror films, John Waters and Tim Burton.

I would get so bored and impatient with myself that I would write reviews for the films that I hadn't even made yet. I found a few of those capsule reviews. Sadly, most of my "stars" have since passed away. Another sad thought is the fact that these excited aspirations have since died as well.

March 14, 2013


Found some old sketches I did of Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy.

March 12, 2013


Searching through my old journals and diaries. Found this comic strip I did as a kid (probably 1987 or so). Kind of clever!

March 6, 2013

The Golden Girls Enigma

It's awfully fun to overanalyze things. In addition to re-watching all of the episodes of I Love Lucy, Len and I have also been revisiting The Golden Girls.

One thing about the show that often comes up in discussions is the fact that the layout of the house makes no sense. It's a puzzle. Doors that are supposed to go into bedrooms would, in actuality, lead into the kitchen. I was surprised to learn that many people have attempted to unscramble the mystery of The Golden Girls house.

It's hilarious to imagine fans mapping out each room, trying to make sense of the crazy geography. What's even more interesting is the different interpretations!

Here are a few impressive blueprints:

Found HERE

Found HERE

Found HERE

Found HERE

Found HERE

However, THIS LAYOUT takes the (cheese)cake!

March 1, 2013


Before there was such things as Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, whenever I found some sort of clipping or photo that I liked, I would cut it out and paste it into one of my many scrapbooks. I had about five large magnetic paged binders that I would constantly update. It was a relaxing hobby and a lot of fun. 

I touched on the topic briefly in an earlier post. Here are a few additonal pages. I have gobs of this stuff!