March 4, 2012

Trashomon or: How I Became Lowbrow and Am Just Learning to Deal With It

Silent Rage: Better than Juliet of the Spirits?
I'm finding that I am getting less cultured as the years go by. I just don't have the patience for movies anymore (despite the fact that MOVIES ARE MY LIFE). I recently watched Rashomon and while I liked the idea behind it, I was bored and irritated by it. I was expecting more, like an unusual twist ending. I understand where the film lies historically as far as telling a story in a new way, but I just couldn't see why it was considered so amazing. I guess I'm even more lowbrow than I realized. I used to be able to watch any film that was put in front of me and would never, ever fast forward. I also struggled through Juliet of the Spirits, which I liked visually but narratively put me right to sleep and I just could not follow any of that abstract, romantic dialogue. I found myself hitting the fast forward button several times.

On the other hand, watching Chuck Norris in Silent Rage - a film about an indestructible, genetically-altered serial killer - found me totally entranced and I sat through the entire, pathetic thing. What does this mean? I'm certainly no "cineaste" or whatever that term is. I've never seen Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane. Or even Casablanca. I just have no desire to. Maybe if the main characters in Casablanca were 300 pounds or are eaten by a werewolf at the end would I even attempt to watch it.  I'd rather just watch Beethoven's 2nd or that movie where all the Golden Retriever puppies play soccer.

Casablanca Alternate Ending: "Good Lord! *choke* Behind you!"