November 9, 2014

Novel-ember: Day Seven, Eight and Nine

Day 7: They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Horace McCoy.

A bleak slice of life tale of desperate people in a desperate time. It can be viewed as either a depressing and terse character study or as an existential nightmare. 

This was made into an incredible and unforgettable movie in 1969.

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Day Eight: Jaws 2, Hank Searls.

Fascinating sequel that is completely different than the film and features an interesting point of view from the shark's perspective. Solid and suspenseful. Don't pass this one up. 

Copies can be found everywhere.

Day Nine: The Tall Dark Man, Anne Chamberlain.

Fun thriller about a bratty little girl who is notorious for telling lies. She witnesses a murder and no one believes her. Now the guy is after HER. This is kind of like what Rear Window starring Taffy Davenport might be like.

Copies can be found on Amazon.